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Getting involved

Get involved in your community

Your district offers many opportunities for involvement. Attend your district conference to learn more about Rotary and to celebrate the district's good works. Host a visiting Group Study Exchange team or help organize your district's Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) program to see what clubs can do when they work together. These activities will help you meet Rotarians outside your club, widen your circle of friends, and expand your service potential.

Get involved globally

Rotary transcends national borders. You can get involved globally by attending the annual RI Convention, where you'll meet with Rotarians from around the world and get ideas for club activities and service projects. Also consider joining a Rotary Fellowship to network with Rotarians who share your vocation or interests. By participating in international activities, you become part of a global network of professionals seeking world peace and understanding.

Rotary Volunteers

The Rotary Volunteers program is the embodiment of the Rotary motto Service Above Self. It encourages Rotarians to become actively involved in hands-on projects that harness their vocational skills.

Learn about other clubs and districts

Search RI's registry of club and district websites to find out what's happening in your area and around the world. To experience some of what Rotary has to offer beyond the club level, visit your district website and sign up to attend the district conference.

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Membership responsibilities

What Rotarians get out of Rotary depends largely on what they put into it. Many membership requirements are designed to help club members more fully participate in and enjoy their Rotary experience.


Attending weekly club meetings allows members to enjoy fellowship, enrich their professional and personal knowledge, and meet other business leaders in their community.

If members miss a meeting of their own club, they're encouraged to expand their Rotary horizons by attending a meeting of any other Rotary club in the world.


By participating in local and international service projects, club members can volunteer their time and talents where they're most needed.

The Avenues of Service are Rotary's philosophical cornerstone and the foundation on which club activity is based:

  • Club Service focuses on strengthening fellowship and ensuring the club's effective functioning.
  • Vocational Service encourages Rotarians to serve others through their vocations and to practice high ethical standards.
  • Community Service covers the projects and activities the club undertakes to improve life in its community.
  • International Service encompasses actions taken to expand Rotary's humanitarian reach around the globe and to promote world understanding and peace.
  • New Generations Service recognizes the positive change implemented by youth and young adults through leadership development activities, service projects, and exchange programs.

Read more about Rotary fellowship and service.

Finding and keeping members

To keep clubs strong, every Rotarian must share the responsibility of bringing new people into Rotary. Even new members can bring guests to club meetings or invite them to participate in a service project.

Keeping members involved in Rotary is another responsibility. Fostering strong fellowship and encouraging early participation in service projects are two of the best ways to sustain a club's membership.


Club members are required to pay annual dues to their clubs, districts, and Rotary International, as well as the subscription fee to the appropriate Rotary magazine.


Club members are encouraged to volunteer for leadership roles at the club level and beyond. To learn more about leadership opportunities in your district, see the district leadership seminar page and the club committees page.

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More about Rotary

Rotary is a large and multifaceted organization. Here are some ways to learn more about Rotary International.

Visit the Rotary E-Learning Center, where you'll find several learning modules designed specifically for new members.

 Visit other parts of the RI Web site to get the latest news and information.

 Read every issue of your Rotary magazine and your club and district newsletters.

 Visit your district Web site and learn more about activities throughout the district.

 Order the following materials from the RI print or online catalog:

  • Rotary Basics (595-EN)*
  • The ABCs of Rotary (363-EN)
  • The Rotary Foundation Quick Reference Guide (219-EN)*
  • Communities in Action: A Guide to Effective Projects (605A-EN)*
  • RVM: The Rotarian Video Magazine (510-DVD)
  • Rotary International Annual Report (187A-EN)*
  • The Rotary Foundation Annual Report (187B-EN)*

*Also available for download.

In addition to reporting the latest Rotary news, provides district Web site links and information about RI and Rotary Foundation programs. You can also use the site to conduct much Rotary business online, including registering for the annual convention and making contributions to the Foundation.

RI offers a wide range of resources for Rotarians, including publications covering all aspects of Rotary and its Foundation. View the online catalog of these materials. Every club also receives a print version of the catalog with order forms; your club secretary should have your club's copy.

Questions to ask your club

These questions can help you get started on becoming more active in your club and better informed about Rotary:

  • What club committee could use my skills?
  • What community service projects is my club sponsoring?
  • Does my club participate in any programs, such as World Community Service, Youth Exchange, Rotaract, or Rotary Youth Leadership Awards?
  • How can I assist my club officers?
  • Who in my club can serve as my mentor?
  • What opportunities are there for getting involved in international service?
  • Can I serve as a greeter at club meetings?
  • How do I find out where to make up missed meetings?
  • When is the district conference?

(Source: http://www.rotary.org/en/Members/NewMembers/Orientation/Pages/ridefault.aspx)

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